PROBLEM - Made For This lyrics

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Ft. August Alsina


Thank y'all for comin' up

God bless, good night!

My nigga Problem

OT, this some shit fo' y'all to ride to

Smoke to, how it feel?


A Town, that's right!

C2 niggas back up, gettin' money, salute!


Same old shit, just another day

Shit fucked up but I gotta make away

Can't be mad, cuz a nigga's gon' hate

I'm bout this cash, I'm tryna get payed (x2)

Nigga, I'm made for this

Started from the bottom, now I'm hip

Becuz I'm made for this

Had to make these troubles disappear

Becuz I'm made for this

Used to call me nothing, now I'm something

Cuz I'm made for this

Yeah, that's right, I'm made for this, made for this


The girl's always open

I shop when it's closed

Middle fingers to the haters

While I'm poppin' the Rose

Don't fuck shit with fake

I'm too real for that

Lil nigga, don't small talk me!

Don't you know I'm too big for that?

Thank God I'm alive!

I thank God I'm alive

Straight shots to the head

My God, I'm alive!

_____(?) do your drugs

Baby, sip yo drink

We keep doin' it big

All in front of the niggas

That told you you can't

Fo' real!


(Verse 2)

Begin thinkin' that the love niggas show

Is real, somethin' that I ain't even finna do

Like a year half ago I was one of them niggas

Niggas didn't wanna listen to

One year half late I'm standing here

Haters just holdin' my dick on 'em

Big body with the _______(?)

Stayn fresh, gettin' rich on 'em

Thank God I'm alive!

Thank God I'm alive

Kush joint to the face

Thank God I'm alive!

I done made it out the ghetto

Check my back-gram

Capped more records than a boom-box

Lego gotta go and stack a few blocks

Daddy bout to fill anotha shoe box


Grindin' everyday, gotta hustle

Hunnid all day, ain't worth frontin'

It's always the nigga that ain't got shit

Just tryna tell a nigga how to get some


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