PROBLEM - In Motion lyrics

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Ft. T.I.


How we do it right, bounce, swag and turn

Wyle up in the spot with an ounce to burn

We in motion, we in motion

We in motion, we in motion (x2)

Where all the hoe lil niggas, they ain't near me

Bet ya lookin' for 'em pussy niggas, they ain't here (x2)

Hol' up, back up, n' lemme do my stuff

Strapped to the teeth, nigga, who want what? (x2)

(Verse: Problem)

Young Rida outta Compton, these bitches go crave by

With a nigga off of peel, you'll probly get 8ed off

Australia to Atlanta, they yellin' my gang up

Money ain't a thang, aye, we pullin' the thangs out

Police on chase but they neva eva catch me

Stood near the game, did nigga try to test me

Kushy, yo money neva ride like a leftie

You bring a bag of money, betta make that shit hefty


(verse 2: Problem)

And we be rollin' 'em tough and burnin' it down

The shit that I'm blowin' like 5000 a pound

Associated with gangstas, no, I don't fuck with the clowns

I got yo bitch in the panties, won't mind pullin' 'em down

Oh, oh, eh, know you hate that

I put it in her face and make her take that

Goddamn, bitch hate that

Ain't bust a nut, I roll a blunt and run it straight back


(Verse 3: T.I.)

Aye, T, where the money at, fired up, burnt out

Got me in the A, high as fuck, hella turnt out

D Lane Hustle Gang, you niggas gettin' riches

Now I'm tryna fuck, so it's OD bitches

Lay around if you want to

Shawty, you don't wanna see me pull up on you

Still ridin' with a pussy, lemme skeet, man

West Side all the niggas that we speakin'


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