PROBLEM - Hennessy lyrics

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Ft. T.I. & Rich Homie Quan


Drinkin' Hennessy

Gettin' knowledge, ride with my niggas

Dark days, thought we'd neva eva gon' see sunshine

No lie, now shine with me

(Verse: Problem)

Inhale the smoke in my lungs, ya hear it come

Will I live to see the sun? Nobody knows

Travel roads that they scared to drive

What I've seen would make a sane man petrified

I remember, head shots, it was like December

Ride in town, shawty pop us, body drop me and my cousin ran

Breathin' hard, like 'ya seen the nigga?'

Later all my body froze when I seen the killa cross the street

Mind on the dare, bet the kids is lost

Poppin' pills, tryna lose the dust

One day we all gone, in a week we die strong

Either way, we gotta carry on

Devil on the phone, fuck it


(Verse 2: Problem)

The pressure buildin', seems I can't take it

'Pose to pick my kids up, but I can't make it

Daddy out here on the hood tryna change their life

Prayin' that the money make it right

But only Lord knows what the future is

This a different area, niggas shoot you in front yo kids

Hit it by the pill, now I smoke by 'who you is'

And who they not, lookin' shot fo' the hooligans

So _______(?) who came from the slums

Real niggas up withstanding the plugs

Cuz one day we all gone, in a week we die strong

Either way, we gotta carry on

Devil on the phone, fuck it

(Hook x4)

(Verse 3: TI)

We're still lookin' fo' the sunshine

Runnin' round with 'em choppers, dodgin' one time

GEttin' high, 21 down left to sell

On probation, still throwin' rocks on the jail

You get less time fo' rape than sellin' the brick

So who cares if we got a black president?

Unbend your knees, ask the Lord, can you hear me?

Lemme meet my grandkids befo' they kill me

And G's go to heaven, I hope it don't take long

Put me next to Malcom Martin, pocket Traevon

All I eva wanted to do is see my dad happy

With my momma, I hope my grandmomma ain't mad at me

My cousin went to prison twice from livin' the life

And made a promise to the judge, still rollin' the dice

I wish Phil came back resurrected

Ain't gotta like it, but you bet' respect it

Hell, still walkin' through the mall with a Tech on my belt

Nigga cross that line, I'mma kill 'im myself

Chasin' down 100 mill, tryna get it myself

When ain't nobody gave a shit, we had to get it ourself

Yo bitch - big dick, she around to know

Plus, you with a home girl, and she down to fuck

So wassup! You had a shooter, pull it out a lil quicker

You had yo problem pullin' out a lil licker

Pussy nigga try to come get me

I squeeze triggers till my drum empty

What do we have here now? Do you wanna ride or die?


Sippin' Hennessy, middle finger to my enemies

Pull with choppers in yo project like 'remember me'

I hope you fine, let it fly, fuck nigga

You fuckin' with a wild young nigga from the west side


Now now, ain't real talk, my nigga

I ain't mean to do it like that

Fo' real, man!

(You fuckin' with a wild young nigga from the west side)

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