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OG Maco - All On Me lyrics

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Ft. OG Brylan Kerr




Random tears, this shit so real, right?

That shit got real, look, uh

I'm coolin', I'm kickin' back

Ya know how I did that

I'm shootin' same piece of star, same what?

I want it all, phone with calls, all the mops

We pop em bottles at the mall

I'm spaced out, I land on Mars

Neighbors with em Jetsons

See, I'm so high, can't fly in yo direction

I'm tweekin' fo' a second

She suck me up fo' hours

Them hoes be all on my line

Know they all on my line

Doin' all of these lines


THC and eight ball, say word?

I'm just tryna live, I'm just tryna live

I'm just tryna live

All we know is ball

RIP Kin, money stackin' tall

Gear up on the rim

Nah, I don't hoop no mo'

Still ballin' on you folks


(Verse 2: OG Brylan Kerr)

Now why would yo daughter be all on me?

Mac carry from the 3, huh?

Black man's like a broad with a broke nose

Shit, I had one too, had three hoes

What I did in the shid only God knows

Deal done with some vatos

And some real niggas, keep it thrill so when night go

Knock knock, run first through the foreyay

Unfortunate ass nigga gettin' balls deep

I know why ye on the acre bout the foreplay

Cuz money just the means, you initiated

And the drags and the leal on the damn scale

Bitch be askin' what the bill on yo house waitress

Nig' can get weed bout the house sayin'

Said hangin' on my luv like the car weight

Wavin' at the fan and she out naked

Damn, bro, last year they way playin' famous

We was playin' tight shit, wasn't tryin' let her breath

Now we at day neck, labors on the tweet deck

Copper fader, complex

In this world like flee we was only G crest

Fuck the cup, tear this city up, let's ganga sheesh what's next?

Nothing much, tour bus, show bucks, different shit same session


Couple movies and jacuzzis in-between

Fuck tha otha side!

Fuck tha otha side!

Ride fo' me, Tim


Fucka fucka fucka yeah-ah

Now they want more

Now they want more

Fucka fucka fucka yeah-ah

OGG Now they want more



Now they want more

Now they want more

Now they want more

Now they want more

Now they want more

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