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OG Maco - 12 Bricks lyrics

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I just found 12 bricks (sheesh, damn, aaaah)

Lurkin' on the side ... of the road!

There it go! 12 bricks


Finna make a flip, gotta make a count

OMG OMG, what the fuck I'mma do with that?

12 bricks, it's 12 after me

Can't let em catch me

Can't be anotha number

Can't get another fumble, so fuck nigga, just fuck em

12 bricks (damn!)

Trappa trappa, take em to the trap, gotta get em

Came in plastic wrap, gotta split it


12 bricks, in one lick

On the side of roads

12 bricks

We just rappin' bu

Fo' one lick

12 bricks


(Verse 2)

What we got here? Settle shoppin'

They took a loss

Made my self a boss (they don't know I did it)

Had to run it up

Had to double cup it, I'll take care it

12 bricks down, they can make ya rich

They can make ya wealthy

You can get it but ya gotta keep it struttin'

You can find out

Shooters all outside of yo house

Sheesh! Ova 12 bricks

And one lick, 12 bricks

Find em on the road

Wrap em and I go


12 bricks

And 1 lick

Damn, I had to go

12 sent behind me

(Verse 3)

They ain't skip on fleshin'

Got that .30 on me and my blessin'

Oh, no, I think of cousin cuz I got it on me

Wanna fend it

One inside door, two inside door

One inside the passenger

Two inside of the truck

Did you add it up?

I did add it up

Throwin' em outta the window

I can't go fast enough


12 bricks

Fo' 1 lick

Found em on the road

Had to make em go

12 bricks

Sheesh! Damn...

Fuck em fuck em fuck em

12 bricks

Fuck em fuck em fuck em

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