Northlane - Metamorphosis lyrics

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I've lived life drained, void of emotion.

I've lived life drained.

I will never become this again.

I will rise over this.

Smash through obstacles with a heart of gold and a mind of steel;

Nothing will stand in my path.

I've been consumed by my thoughts.

I've become what I've always despised.

The only way I can absolve myself is with your lies.

I've been pushed to the edge,

Where my mind knows no bounds.

Never again.

My mind has released itself from this anguish and I will overcome this suffering.

I will be whole once again... I will be whole once again.

And I will become the answers to my own prayers,

And I won't let you bring me down.

I will remain!

Nothing you say can take this heart away from me.<br />

<br />

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