Mika - Promiseland (Bonus Track) lyrics

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I was born in that summer when the sun didn't shine

I was given the name that doesn't feel like it's mine

Lived my life as the good boy I was told I should be

Prayed every night to a religion that was chosen for me


Sold my soul broke my bones, tell me what did I get

Did my time, toed the line, ain't seen anythin' yet

Strike me down to the ground, u know I've seen it before

Make it hurt I'll eat the dirt, I just don't care anymore


How could u break my heart, already played my part

I kept my promise man, show me the promised land (Promiseland?)

Don't occupy my throne, give me the crown I own

Lived like u told me how, look at me now

I've got no money in my pocket

And the whole world's bringin' me down

And the whole world's bringin' me down

(Verse 2)

One person's lie is just anotha man's truth

We got done runnin' from the devil but the devil was u

Every time I see the light I'm fallin' deeper in debt

If I've neva seen the good how can I come to amend


(Chorus x2)

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