Mika - Good Wife lyrics

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He comes on ova, wants to drown his sorrows

Got a two-seated sofa & some whiskey in a bottle

Broken in tears with the weight of the world on his shoulder

Oh my God, Sam, what's happened to ur senses?!

Why she's just left with 2 yearold daughter

Driven to Acapulco with some idiot she met a couple months ago


I wish I could tell u that

If it was me I would be a good wife

I would neva doubt u, ours would be a good life

We could be betta than so many

I would neva stress u, about bringin' home the plenty


For all these things anotha life we'll have to wait

Our life could be perfect if only God had wanted it

But u'll neva know it, we'll get old

Let's not talk about it, rest ur head upon my shoulder

U'll neva know, u'll neva know

U'll neva know the good life, u'll neva know the good life

U'll neva know the good life

(verse 2)

Somebody once told me that, there are watchers and

There are doers in this world, guess I'm a watcher

Not by choice, it's just what I was told

We're just 2 friends, it's not a risky situation




Rest ur head upon my shoulder (I'm so tired to conceal)

Now that life's a lil colder (I could luv u easily)

Even if u'll neva know (Wouldn't leave if it was me)

My luv will neva run away like the sunshine return only with just the good times


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