Mark Battles

Mark Battles - You Won’t Take It From Me lyrics

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Reporting live from that Genys stand

I got no manequin

Work after the skill

Love will go hand in hand

Christopher Reed, play Monopoly

Don't stand a chance

I don't do cookies

Pass the hoochie to my camera man

I'm focused, serve you niggas like a hostess

We all try, but I'm the closest

Suck me and my tool

She my blow fish, that's the grossest

Fly high nation is exploding and they know it

Get my city through they door before they close it

Never gave me nothing, so I treat 'em like they owe it

Poetry, you gotta prove it. Fast as you got it you can lose it

So I give my all to this music

Lying for my union, surprise Mr. Clueless

There he bumps the blueprint, then you stop there lookin' stupid

Get it from my team pro'ly fighting through the sewage

Put my mind to it, we can do it, lets pursue it


You know I wanted it

And now I got it

You won't get it from me


Every lesson earned is a lesson learned

Knew I always had it, gotta wait my turn

Set the industry on fire

And just let it burn

Need every quarter, dime & dollar

Pay me what I'm worth

My father never saw me and it used to hurt

Now I'ma be the biggest bastard in the universe

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