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Mark Battles - Welcome To My World lyrics

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[Verse 1: Mark Battles]

Yeah, look

Man whats up with this life, I was born in a city where nothing is nice

It's crazy, cause every favor seems to come with a price, and all the black kids starting young on the dice

Many times my uncle hustled at night, I got into scuffles and fights til my knuckles was white

Then we found sports and me and my brother was hyped, and my momma stressed that being a thug just wasn't the life (it wasn't right)

No lie we ain't had the worst of it, most of the time we had it good we was suburban kids, hittin' licks, flippin' bricks, we had never heard of it, and the new surroundings just magnified our nervousness (we was nervous), so I stayed on my grades in school making the A's

With the waves in my fade, I had planned to be the next "Reggie" or maybe even "Jordan" if they let me


Welcome to my World

This reality though, I say the real world is no reality show

Look left, look right, where should we actually go

That's the big question, no one happens to know

Welcome to my World [x2]

This is my world nah it ain't all peaches and cream, and nothing ever be what it seems

Welcome to my World

[Verse 2: Mark Battles]

All these stars got my head going

I'm on my grind, Cause I'm trying to keep my bread growing

So ima run it and run it til my legs swollen, or until my knees go out I feel like I'm Greg Oden

Can't stop now, I ain't finished half of it

I know its a puzzle I just want the peace like an activist

Trying to make my problems disappear like a magic trick

I don't know how to answer the question that's why I'm asking it

World full of savages trying to steal your happiness

Wishing I knew why "he" took my brother in that accident

He wore his seat belt, and he fastened it

This is my life, but I'm not the catalyst

I'm just in the boat but I'm not paddlin'

But thats whats best I will prolly crash it quick

Ready to master "it", but I gotta do it first

Speak my mind into the worst, Welcome to my Universe


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