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Mark Battles - Underdog lyrics

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I never focused on the right things

Now I’m changing, I’m embracing all that life brings

We gon’ make it, so quit selling me your pipe dreams

You can save it, I ain’t hating, I’m just saying time is wasted

Let’s get it, more robbing the sex business

So what am I explaining(?)

Had to let them go, can’t follow the sex with ‘em

A bunch of (???) and bringing the stress with ‘em

Looking around, like who is my next victim?

Just a young boy with a father who lacked wisdom

Preacher couldn’t save him, immune to the baptism

Had nowhere to turn, had to learn to be a man

With my family on my mind and a fourty in my pants

I was never thuggy, just had it for protection

Er’body have a weapon, killing people like it’s nothing

Disguising, like what am I supposed to do?

Why we even here if only God knows the truth?

I came in the game as a hundred of ‘em, still dead

Pissed at all this funny music, try to get the real back

Psychic said at 20-14 I’ll make a mill flat

So I’m going hard with more barns that a pill pack

Ill raps, they like hoop up together

Tryna get so many practical things, my tooth brush is missing

Don’t get (???)

I grew up a screw up, my crew up and winnin’

Never getting it, so shout out YOUNG when it deal ‘em

Fly high nation is the language, that how we do

Beating on these candy wrappers, think I gotta stink too

Wait ‘til you hear my album, this is just a preview

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