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Mark Battles - Tired lyrics

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I'mma be honest

Usually I keep my mouth shut

When it comes to stuff like this

Cuz I just feel like

Ya know people weren't sensitive but I

I got to let it out


I just want to live, we just want to live

Discussions about justice but they out here killin' kids

Obama's just a puppet he can't tell it how it is

Buildin' billion dolla jets but ain't no food up in our fridge

This is crazy, we caught up in the system

To me it ain't no black and white

It's the killer and the victim

Some drugs to ourselves please tell me what's the difference

Cuz my nigga killed my nigga and I swear to God I miss him

We all people, quit tryin' to divide us man, we all equal

All this fightin', all this fussin' riot in the cussin'

Fires goin' up in stores, crashin' like it's nothin'

This is crazy, ain't we civilized ?

Seem like our thoughts are all minimized

This how I feel Inside

Look up to the sky that's how I deal with God

Got me prayin' erry hour

Can't do much about it so I'm feelin' like a coward

I just asks fo' strength and a lil healin' power

Cuz we fed up with the leaders, think they tryna live without us

Ya think we stupid, must think we useless it's so confusin'

Home of the free they ain't stealin' that we equal but

I see ya didn't mention that ya get to kill my people

In the system ovadosin' on the needle (Huh)

Had it all planned out, hope we wouldn't see ya huh ?

Hope we wouldn't see ya huh ?

Hasta la vista wouldn't want to be ya huh?

That's how they treat us we outcasted

All the pain and the struggle we outlasted

And we neva goin' down

Take a bullet with a smile ain't no fathers in the wild

Since a child I've been grindin', I ain't had no guidance

Wonder why we riot, moment of silence

Let's give a moment of silence fo' errybody we loss

We just tired, oh so tired, we just tired

All the fightin', all the hatred

Swear to God one day we gon' make it

We gon' make it


This ain't no black or white thing (Not at all)

This ain't no race thing (Not at all)

We all American, we all people

We got to come togetha, befo' it's too late (Yeah)

It's Fly America

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