Mark Battles

Mark Battles - The Way We Do lyrics

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Ft. Derek Luh


I said we doin' just fine, gettin' by on the basics

Dealin' with some incios glad that we made it

Chance to the good life, smiles on the fences

Ain't nun' wrong with a lil set of braxy

Oh, oh, oh, ain't nun' wrong, this is the way we do

Oh, oh, oh, this is the way we, this is the way we do


Errbody talkin' shit, I know you know this, foo

Yeah, I know this when I notice it was from my oldest goons

Why they talk shit too, thought we was closer homie

Where the fuck was you at in the coldest moments?

Friends act the fakest when they see you passing greatness

Now my momma wanna kill me, results of assassination

Living fast with no patience

Mad cuz we snakin' placements, bagging downs with no payments

Think I'm finally feeling famous

See the tension in their eyes

Lies in the worst smoke

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