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Mark Battles - The Shelter lyrics

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(Hook x 2)

Many says in the shelter

We became a long way from shelters

Memory stay in that shelter

My mother get’s so helpless

Prayin’ that God could help us


Remember days in the shelter

Three of us in the twang bad

Get easy like I’ve been there

My aunty call me Big Head

I was try to get bread, I was only like nine

I’m waiting in my great line

Get it so we might shine

Had to get the right grind, this feeling like a life time

Bout to be a millionaire, I only no life lines

I’m just try to paint the perfect picture cuz we had that

In high school taking cad nass with the pistol in my back pack

Aim for a young, young and any nigga after

Homie better get back and not try to take it pass that

Mamma can I have something, when I’ll had my dad comin’

I was a lil man young and fight cuz we ain’t have nothin’

Me, my brother, my sister and my lil bad cousins

So full of style we was riding bikes with brace knuckles

My uncle had to stay with us cuz he had drugs problems

He say when a nigga flack you better show your muscle

You can’t be soft lil Mark

Whatever happens in the line, it comes out up in the dark

Had my life in middle class so I had to play it smart

When we move down to the hood they understood cuz my heart

Just try to stay sharp, you learn a lot when you ain’t got nothin’

Well, we got each other so it’s not nothin’

I ain’t really like rap when they don’t got substance

What more can you expect when it’s just a bunch of puppets

Have a mil without a deal so they can’t tell me nothin’

Got you tripping of the mention please don’t lose your luggage

Throw the breezes out for D and we got to keep it rouging

Went from the shelter to this viler so you gotta love it

So you gotta love it x 2

Went from the shelter to this viler so you gotta love it

(Hook x 2)

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