Mark Battles

Mark Battles - The Jungle lyrics

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Doing things they said I never can do

Professional dudes so I always give respect for my crew

Man attack another section or 2

Go out and get more Oscars than the Mexican school

Quit chasing cat, pepilar poo, I’m destined to do

Inspiring and invest in the youth

I’m varising, raise my bars to get my messages through

No real threats, my skill sets what makes me separate from you

We not the same, no matter what those bimbos may say

Don’t make me smash a brother like Nintendo maylay

No vacate, we be going hard for the payday

But it’s still for the love, man no ray jay

You kim k, let them play, but I won’t

Kill everything that I’m on, feature on your track and let bygones be bygones

Never leave my zone, bumping in your sound systems

These rap guys all like the hang around with em

They all got the big head, industry full of down syndromes

Take them to the jungle, let the wild get em, I’ll get em

Ran into the hardest wop grizzly like Mark ...

Don’t mean to target y’all, but I’m not here to starving dog

Set myself apart from all, right from start to fall

Yeah I know the market small, gotta make the smartest call

When they found it’s hard to ball, yeah I’m going hard and all

But why they tryina market y’all?

That’s why we rocking independent,

It’s bizness over pleasure and it’s family over bizness

You with it? Battles

Let’s fly a little kite.

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