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Mark Battles - Thanks In Advance lyrics

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Yo. I'm feeling, whoa

I welcome you to 'Numb' the album

This the first 1, it's special for me

Ya know, I don't really care if ya look at it like that

I got a lot to say in such a short period o' time

So... ya just gotta listen, aight?!


I say life is what ya make it, what's a chance if ya don't take it?

What's a plan if ya don't aim it? Get a pen and sign that waiver

And my friends I'm doing favours, one day gon' be my neighbours

Ten houses on some acres, Niggas livin' like them Pacers

Eh bruh give us a try, 3's up till the day that I die

Need luv so I pray to the sky, Jesus I'm the greatest alive

(Make me the greatest alive)

They said 'Ya need something for the club, the radio?'

I said 'Forget the club, the don't pay me doe'

I'm trying to make it easy for the baby's though

I'm like "Rest In Peace" to my baby bro


Thanks in advance for the chance, if chances speak to ya

Thanks in advance for the chance to speak to ya

Thanks in advance for the chance

(Verse 2)

Look, wide awake but it's still a dream

I hope you're feeling me, off the head no guillotine

I didn't have to write these things

This is coming from the soul, dirty shoes and bummy clothes

Mama said 'don't luv these hoes', just find a tree where money grows

Woah take it slow we wisely chosen

The nicest units slight abusive hype the kite the movement

And they might confuse it and now I came to prove it

Won't play the foolish frame the losers so these days are crucial

I remember days where dinner trays was a bag of rice

And some lemonade now I'm out here gettin' paid I'm livin'


Thanks in advance for this chance

For this chance

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