Mark Battles

Mark Battles - Sleep lyrics

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Ft. King Kap & Zack Davidson


They say forgive and forget

But then that luv turned into hate

So did it really exist?

I saw my cousin's wrist and I noticed the slits

God, turn me to a genie so I can grant her a wish

I'll let you free, no more tears, baby, spread your wings

With a voice of an angel and a smile of a queen

I came up as a peasant, now they treat me like a king

I got nothing left to bring, it's just my passion and my dream

I want a scene, but I cannot hope you feel my soul

Until you go through and tell you how you really know

Left right, up or down, where should we really go?

Just keep your pride, don't go and hide when things are moving slow

You see every lesson learned is a blessing earned

And regret is like a fire if you let it burn

Why they shooting bullets by us we just standing firm

And they left us here with nothing but we made it worse


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