Mark Battles

Mark Battles - Savior/Now You Know lyrics

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Ft. Derek Luh & Myah Evans


I mean, if you gonna do it, then you gotta do it right, ynahwimean?

It's comin' out pure, nah man, look, I'm tellin' you

We not worry bout 'em niggas, we just gonna do what we gon' do

And uh, everythin' gon' fall into place, just trust me

Yah! Hmm hmm


Wake up in the morning and I wash my nuts off

Niggas actin' chicken, spread 'em all in duck sauce

SMH, wassup, doc? I would neva trust ya

All my niggas bang bro! Always tryna bust off

Pow pow, the hell with you, gon' sugar coat, gon' tell the truth

On got a penny stomach empty, wonder why we fell in school

Drug dealers feelings too, ratchet hoes that'd sucked the crew

Plastic souls in rubber shoes, man, this life ain't nothin' new

Y'all just take these news clips, this is how we gotta live

Left alone with three kids, don't know where the father is

No MTV, they robbin' big, city full of hostages

In the mind they trap, so when they trap they movin' ostriches

Born without a pot to piss, now it's extra on this shoppin' list

Spinnin' five and profit six, finish line, we coppin' kicks

Dinner time with foxy chicks, quit the line and make me sick

FOD on every hit, I rep the threes, they can't forget

Do the deeds you can't predict, remove the springs and paint the whip

Who the king? You can't be it

Make me laugh or make me rich

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