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Mark Battles - Running lyrics

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Life is so confusing in a good way, in a bad way, too

‘Cause you can be having a good day and a bad day, too

Watch all your friends as they move, keep your eyes open

I’m focused so quit side showing

Pain held me in time frozen

Everybody left when I was hurt, feel like I’m Rondo

Mind blowing the way they throw they throw they knives on you

Times shows it but kisses to my double-crossers

Pull the e-mails, does detail got a couple off us

Labels that wanna sponsor

Uh, don’t try so hard, that makes it awkward

Never was a talker, always was a doer

Never been a meteor, always been a…

Now I see a lot of bright things in my future

Starting to live my dreams with these scenes I ain’t used to

It’s crazy, all so crazy

Every city these kitties wanna have my baby

Flashing they titties in Vicky’s, looking so persuading

Look at young one like um bro, I think we made it

Uh, I bet they hear that, you should’ve never hated

Forever grateful for the ones who always said be patient

Started from the bottom but we wreck the cages

I need some medication, sick as 11 patients

Dinners with reservations

1.25 a plate, should I still tip the waitress?

Only black guy in this room, feel like it’s segregation

But then I look up to the sky and thank God that we made it

Being sly with the waitress

She in shock ‘cause I’m famous

Showed me her phone and all my songs on the top of her playlist

Swear to God I’m her favorite

It’s just a ego boost, going through hero loops

Feel like Craig when baby Joker will let Chico loose

I’m running, I’m running

What am I chasing? I don’t know but it’s something

Ask how much of it’s the same, I tell ‘em nothing

So far gone, trying to turn my leather Tuscan, I’m hustling

It’s nothing


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