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Sit back and think 'this life is crazy'

'cause now to see my face, you gotta pay me,

and every girl I meet, wanna be my lady, hah

and [they] think it's treat to try to have my baby

?smh? i don't understand it, I'm feeling Manish

somehwat selfish I can't help it, but I ain't looking for no companion

girls think I gotta mansion, hah, I got an apartment,

Kool-Aid stains on the carpet that I blame on my two lil' daughters,

hardships of an artist, who has a fan-base started

but givin away my music for free so I'm out here starvin,

people say that I'm retarded, I really should be chargin,

not parking but I'm patient, the money surround the corner

and watchin award shows, really is just torture

I get jealous when I know I should be more supportive

I think that is this disorder, dispalys how much I want it,

I always keep it honest, so this grind I'm on it for the moment

B got me zonin and I'm floating just like I'm Kobe

and no three ? but dont know me

oh he was a fan I'm sure, give it up, snip and tuck

nah you not the man no more, do me and you handle yours,

actin so Neanderthal , why? why you so worried about?

that man slopes, haters call me at side ways

Pac-man ghosts, not violent but it make me wanna back hand folks,

girls tryin to get in my head like a CAT scan bro,

oh that can't go, I'm nothing on this girls trying to date me now,

and I always keep it real so what's the hate about

artist on punishment they can't come out,

that's why I scream Fly America till they take me out..Battles.

(Eric Leon?)

What am I doing here?

What am I doing here?

What am I doing here?

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