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Mark Battles - Pressure lyrics

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Look, see I came from the gutter, struggling with pain

Got the game from my mother, don't care about the fame

I ain't changin' fo' nothin', now I got a name

I think these niggas is in trouble

I had a smart mouth, it used to get me into tassels

Squad bout the bubble, all the homies in the huddle

Ya neva gotta own me, if you know me, I'll plug you

The way I cross words? I got these niggas feelin' puzzled

I hustle for a chance! Botsey get it poppin' like

A Shweney dance, now they shufflin' they' hands

You losin' it again, that nigga Caitlin Jenna

He just used to be the man

But now it's my time for the groupies and the fans

Motivated by the nights I was sleepin' in a van

On God fly dive is what I'm preachin' to the clan

Under pressure, shout out Logic, massages from a goddess

Say she luv me cuz I'm honest

From bummy to acknowledge, this here yacky as she swall' it

Luck cuz I'm joggin' and I'm runnin' through the options

Good lines just like I'm Bosley, haaaa...


Feel the pressure, ha

Feel the pressure, ha

(Verse 2)

Wake up in the morning, feeling like a million

Haters wanna give me a... mag cuz I'm still a don

Nah, I ain't havin' that, rather juice like Chance

So the fans be surfin' through these acid raps

Wonder can you paddle that, I ain't bout to battle back

Ample dugger, rad da tat

And jelly comin' after that

We ain't gon' change, fo' what?

I think these guys hackle enough

25 city tour and we set in a month

The bar guy flow retarded, am I special, or what?

Yah! Hmm, shit, why you so in a hurry?

I'mma worry out, leave their team Steph Curry

She in good hands, young man, don't worry

Met at 3.15, fell in luv at 3:30

Surely it get scary in the booth

Boy six, start to spit, call Fairy for the tooth

I'm just sharin' you the truth, pop a cherry then I scoop

And conquer everything they was tellin' me to do

How the gang sound without me?

The niggas in the crowd, the same ones that used to doubt me

Do I know your name? My memory is cloudy

Get a couple hundred mill, then I'm outie, read about me

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