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Mark Battles - Numb To It lyrics

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Ft. Brittani Jenae


Imagine being eight, and never feeling safe

Yo momma' crazy husband put a pistol to her face

He knocked me on the ground and told me that I had to wait

Gotta watch yo momma die cause her and Jesus got a date

It fill my heart with hate, neva given, so we take

Then when my brother pass I wish I coulda took his place

Wait, wait, you see, I ain't wanna live

Pain lies in death is what I knew as a kid

So afraid of love, to scared to ever cross that bridge

Not one to mess it up in these relationships I'm in

Not again, who the hell am I s'possed to trust?

When he beat my mom for years and all she did was show him love?

All the tears they slowin' much, know my fears, I'm growin' up

Don't play me like a chump, I'mma get you what you want

I'm so tired of being weak, got a gun from down the streets

Said I'mma kill him in his sleep

Sixteen, I was a beast, twenty years I'll be released

Got it on my mom for weeks, I'mma take us both beneath

(Hook: Brittani Jenae)

I'm just numb, I'm just numb to it

I'm just numb to it

Don't wanna feel the pain no more

Oh, yeah!

I'm just numb, call me numb to it

I'm just numb to it

Don't wanna feel the pain no more

Oh, yeah!

(Verse 2)

They said I was bein' dumb, really I just needed love

So I had my babies young, for you I'd fight the moon

And protect you from the sun

With daddy on your side, baby, you ain't gotta run

Nah! Stand strong, keep your head up

The world can be against us and I promise we won't lead up

But if they knock you down, just be proud, you can get up

Keep your hunger in that drive even when you fed up

(I luv you)


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