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A new Mark Battles emerging, or is it just that the man got 'Tired'? New Song

A new Mark Battles emerging, or is it just that the man got 'Tired'? New SongHere's a man that's slowly and steadily maturing in the game. His act has become tight. No use of the word 'nigga', no use of the word 'bitches'. He's all idea, all fact. Rolling with Derek Luh again in the video for his new song entitled 'Tired'. A black and white one take film (isn't that ironic?! that's exactly what Battles is militating for: brothers, no matter the race) with an oldie serving as the song's instrumental. Derek Luh is in on the video, still looking like Edward Furlong in Terminator II. He's even got that John Connor attitude, but you can tell he's backing up Battles' pacifist ideology all the way. The song's a response to allegations of abusive force forwarded to the Baltimore Police Department. There've been some riots in Baltimore and Mark Battles is talking about the people reaching a "boiling point". Supporting the song is supporting the struggle, that's all we can say. But you can do more in so many other ways.

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Read about the struggle online or in any news bulletin you can find. Staying informed is the best way to stay away from hatred, indifference, misinterpretation. Peace!

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