Mark Battles

Mark Battles - Need Your Love lyrics

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(Prod by J Cuse)

Ft. King Kap & Zack Davidson


Quit askin' bout my dad, I don't see that nigga much

I was in the streets, wylin', beatin' niggas up

Not because I'm tough, more because I'm angry

Ain't no sense in tryna change me, sorry, this is what you made me

Don't do my business shady, if you pay me then we gravy

Neva luv no safety, fully loaded for the maybes

Grindin' on the daily cuz I gotta feed my babies

This is not a gameboy, Michael Tyson if you play me

Don't be lazy, we all just tryna earn sum'

Shake the hands of all my fans, they tellin' me to burn sum'

Went up in the raw, you would think I neva learn nothin'

Watch you niggas fall, now I swear to God my turn comin'

Word younger, I don't see these niggas like a third cousin

Thirst's bubblin', claimin' he the king, I neva heard bubblin'

Worst bubbles, when there's no heat then we don't know struggle

Glow possile, couple shows in Europe 'efo the snow double

No trouble, we travel coach cause we low budget

My flow rugged, the show's buzzin', my hoes luv it

The whole subject is how we do it with no fundant

Don't owe nothin', we really did it, you gotta luv it

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