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Mark Battles - Knew Enough lyrics

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I ain't gonna lie, I wanna fight these niggas

I don't even know why you like these niggas

I ain't made freshman cause I ride with a message

So I might seem bitter

Take yo shine, watch my team glitter

Oh, she stuck-up but a hikee hit her

Grab a lil game, understand it ain't a thang

Betta keep it all 10 when ya talkin' to a winner

Inner, it's time to school ya

Ye ain't cool but he lyin' to ya

From the slums, I ain't gotta fool ya

In Honolulu we rhymin' noodles

Couple yoohoos and a poster strudel

Name is ringin' cause the flow is brutal

One a few, I dunno the usual

Talk is cheap, I shall improve it


I thought you niggas knew enough

(Verse 2)

Kinda life when they hate to love ya

Go raw like a faithful couple

Earn it all, I ain't takin' nothin'

Love my city cause it made me hustle

Real nigga, don't blame the struggle

It was OKC, but don't play with Russell

Bang bang bang, niggas came to hunt you

Fight for my life, might scrape a knuckle

Night after night we shapin' puzzles

And niggas laugh cause they neva loved ya

Show respect, but don't eva trust 'em

Won't wear a brand 'less I got it custom

Fly or die, ye ain't sayn nothin'

Gimme death or just gimme justice

With all the status, don' change the subject

Run for cover cuz it might get ugly


(verse 3)

Hmm, you wid it or nah

I'mma get to the top with an intricate plot

Got 'em trickin' off the written, betta bigen the plot

I been in it fo' a minute, I'm the nigga to watch

Gotta give a lotta credit to the gift that I got

Lotta pride on the ride but you riskin' a lot

You had it all planned and you itchin' to stop

Game on the line, I'mma give me a shot

Swish! Hmm hmm

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