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Mark Battles - Just Life lyrics

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(Hook x2)

You been hurt, right? It don't matter if I hit it on the first night

Hold it down, we can still make it work, right?

Keep your smile, don't you worry, cause it's just life

Cause it's just life


I got a question, why you always stressin'?

Girl, you such a cutie and that booty is a blessin'

Learn from the pain cause it's beauty in the message

Love is something strange and it truly is infectious

Uh, ha, see, I'm kinda scared of it

But every king need a queen, yeah, I'm aware of it

Irresponsible kids, nah, we ain't where others

You hurt me, I hurt you, I fear rubbers

But see, I knew that from the start

Cardiologist, I just wanna fix your heart

Quit tryna make a scene, all you do is play your part

If it show up in the light, it prolly happened in the dark, right?

(Pre-Hook x2)

Like life, it must be nice, and if I

Messed up once, would you trust me twice?

And for the rest of month, would you hug me tight?

Despite the fact I forgot to hit you up that night


(Hook x2)

(Verse 2)

Don't get it twisted, I mentioned all the specifics

I know they kinda crazy, they think they all in contention

Don't you make a move, I'mma prove it before I hit it

Ain't neva break the rules, don't you lose it before you get it

Whoa! I think we shoulda took it slow, but girl you know you mine

Betta let them niggas go

I was out here doin' crimes and you kept that on the low

That's why till the end of time I ain't neva lettin' go

(Pre-Hook x2)

(Hook x2)

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