Mark Battles

Mark Battles - Jumpman (Freestyle) lyrics

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What a time to be alive,

Mamma drive this Fryday October second

I’mma show you why you should pick it up

This ain’t no sound, nuthin’ like the original

I’mma make this mine

Check me out!


My album droppin Friday

That what this about

Had to take a different route

Funny how these niggas doubt

Love me so she kick and shout

Money comin' in and out

Probably why she hangin’ over

Mister child, planny wild

Many style, came from the gutter so my city proud

All that hate don’t give me down

Hustle why you sit around

Shout my brother, king lost

Trick to mess my real family

Bars like ideas in it

Forin’ but she still tandin’

Mill peny, only tak a quick break to quick penny

Feel ancy, too a couple losees but we still standin’

I’mma make it all stand

When you trippin’ of that, I’m livin’ off rap

Kickin it back with a fity and a jacket

Not for me, that’s for her

All that you had it, didn’t work

Don’t forget to pay me first

Talkin only made of worst

Like why you try to front fame?

I don’t need to drake a future for you to get junk man

You trash, get the dust man

Ad it ain’t all the dust scam

In the studio for mouth and it’s just kill the beat

Know my niggas dope and out fly to get at you

Only God can read the cure

Tellin’ lies in interviews

The lab lookin’ like the swear shit

Mac books and med tops

You ain’t never see a rest stop

You want a verse, my nigga lets’rock

Bing here 2 K and leave here ex boxes battles

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