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Mark Battles - Jet Life Freestyle lyrics

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It’s fly America, we won’t stop now, living like it’s all terrific

Since I dropped that walking distance, all these labels talking different

Look at the numbers, they into me

It’s like I bring the past to the present, I make history

This is an actual lesson of great mentally

Cause rap’s my profession, I can’t miss a week

They ask why I’m so different and I respond

I gotta keep my eyes on the mission

I’m state the facts of baby cat, dog you gotta be kidding

I’m honestly sick and I ain’t got a prescription

Yeah, I see the finest of women, they constantly kissing

Feel like I’m in the sky with some pigeons

I’m flying, I’m living, bring my team to the sky, carry on

They think my head getting bring yeah, I’m Gary Bonds

Cause I kill it on every song, I leave when they acting jazzy

I’m feeling like Jerry Sloan

Remaining humble man, I won’t become a fool

Think it’s all rosy and damn, here comes a bunch of boo

Yeah, and I don’t even know her

Had to set a date man and I ain’t even show up

She text me saying grow up, I responded back show enough

Said she understand, I just hope we can be friend

I don’t wanna be somebody that you never see again

I guess this is my life now

A year ago you wasn’t your type, but you my wife now

Just say fa is a life now, and tell them haters pipe down, yeah

We got it right now, and you can catch us in the sky, we taking flight now

Battles let’s do it, jet life freestyle

3 fingers salute, it’s for America.

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