Mark Battles

Mark Battles - I Don't Like Freestyle lyrics

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Ya'll didn't expect me to get on this beat

About to have some fun

Yeah (x7)

It's Fly America

[Verse 1: Mark Battles]

That's just what I don't like

I don't see nobody

Leave 'em in my hindsight

Can't take the heat

I can see you the LeBron type

Man I'm bout to lose it

Like a virgin chick on prom night (Ugh!)

I'm Courage the cowardly dog, Mom nice

Ask him what you do for these bars, feel like I'm Klondike

My whole crew going hard now that the time's right

Chasing cheese, blind mice

People now my grind nice

Yeah, it's Fly America

Indie is my area

Causing mass hysteria

Focus on my craft cause I'm trying to buy a chariot

Running underground like Harriet, bury it

Went for a piece of the pie, yeah I want every bit

I don't believe in these guys, they just embarrassing

See ain't no reason to be arrogant

But secretly I know that I'm what's hot and I'm aware of it

I took my female out of retail

King sized bed so at night she can sleep well

Long hard road I'm just sparing you the details

Only see me one Friday just like I'm Ezel

Show after show

Flow after flow

Keep asking me to change and get no after no

My fans show me love so really man I can't stress

Always saying "Battles dude you know that you the meanest"

Cause I feed em bars like they begging me for Xanax

Plan to take over the game hope you can manage


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