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Mark Battles - Here For You lyrics

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[Go ahead and dry your eyes

You’ll fine, I’mma be here for you] x 2

You ain’t gotta cry no more x 3

I’mma be here for you


Time’s like this, I tryna find the answers

Smiling for the camera while my uncle fighting cancer

Looking for a change but afraid if taking chances

Cut you, goin’ crazy, said you panic, cool handle

Right, I just keep my mouth shot,

When I’m not on tour, I’m at the pad, I don’t get out much

Everywhere I go they braking in to my house

So came out with nothin’ but I trust in the outcome

What’s life without mistakes?

Gotta pay your dues but what price will really take?

I don’t know, I hope it ain’t my soul for the mistakes

Please, pray to Lord to keep me safe



A wonderful day can turn into a crazy night

I hate the fight but take it straight from what I say it’s right

Chasing hype and make it flight since my daily life

And quit telling I’m wrong until you show me right

Where the role models

Holes rapper for cold and masters and cold bottles

The world got ‘em just give it up like no problem

Did inside but too much pride to gang knowledge

Well y’all lost, ery body got ideas on tall

You was on top but you fall on

Is inconsistent, it’s how we livin’


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