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Mark Battles - Grow lyrics

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Yo yo. Just listen

Finally got a chance to speak my mind right?

So do I talk about the fine dykes, nine flights in five nights?

How these model chicks'll suck dick for lime light

Asking for ur child but claimin' they ain't the mom type (or)

Do I use my voice to make a difference

Forget Mercedes Benz's, nigga it's babies missin'

Can't pay ur rent and so ya end up with a crazy sentence

Purchase an image bought a friendship but won't pay attention (wow)

What kinda life ya out here starvin' sort of hard to take advice

Regret the bad decisions am I wrong to make it right?

My mentor went to prison while he had to pay that price

(Let my people go) I'm screaming 'free my nigga Jimmy'

Cruising thru' the city with 'bout 50 in my skinnies

I really came from nothing so I'm stunting like I'm Diddy

And all these rappers actors no more Grammy's here's an Emmy

Yeah I'm a hater oh well they only give ya sex, lies and drugs just to sell

I wanna be the next guy that thugs really feel

And have the white kids like 'yo the nigga's trill'

Bout to grow some mill and we ain't go and get a deal

Hard hat and a hammer let me show ya how to build

No co-signs or dance songs I did it with my skill

If ya wasn't with me in the field never tell me chill


Let us grow

Just let us grow

Just let us grow

Let us grow

(Verse 2)

My whole life I was treated like the underdog

Don't try my mother y'all pistol in her wonder bra

She always told me keep it real and ya won't never fall

And when ya feel it's hard to walk boy ya betta crawl

I lost my brother as a sophomore

I wish we fought less and talk more

But livin' how we did it was hardcore

It's either get it how ya live or live in cardboard

No Star Wars it's bullet holes in car doors

Our hard chores will stick together and guard yours

No D-Wade's or Maya Moore's

Ya don't get a chance what ya tryin' for?


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