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Mark Battles - Got A Feeling lyrics

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Woke up today feeling like a million bucks

Sympathizing for the haters who gotta deal with us

We building up, Fly America is still a must

Forever grinding, I ain’t did enough

Hit ‘em up, I pocket, mama, I promise you I got it

Just tryna profit like Mohamed, had to get us out the projects

Born to live like the Obamas

So disregard all the gossip

And a memo to my haters, you can come on with it

Look my boy in his eyes and say, “son, go get it”

It ain’t over till the drumroll finished

And my account got more commas than a run on sentence, see I can sense it

I’m like that, I’m your favorite rapper’s nightmare

I don’t fight fair, you couldn’t walk in my night gears

Same design but not the right pair

I’m something they never seen and so she might stare

Alright, yeah

I’ve got a feeling

I’ve got a feeling

I’ve got a

Glad I make a million with a couple sentence

Past premonitions, teachers used to speak of prison

I’m from a city where they hate you and you try and get it

And getting fried even if they got no pot to piss in

Listen, I’m tryna modify my ballad

Shout out to my niggas who can buy shit off a challenge

Yeah, that’s Fly America, they bopping, where your flag at?

Double MG, these other posses just pathetic

Can I get a little respect chilling

For the lean the jack spill it

More liquor, forgive me, a nigga be stressed

But when you in it and they ain’t giving you sympathy

Nah, you better off simply just chilling, keeping it to yourself

Got a feeling, by year’s ending a couple million

Me and SB skating on a couple women

I need a SP, balling shouldn’t be this simple

Call it like I see it, so you see a nigga been official

I’ve got a feeling

I’ve got a feeling

I’ve got a

Yeah, this shit’s so crazy

You never know when life gonna take you

And I swear to God I feel it

Picture myself leaving, all these demons that I’m dealing with

I’mma make a killing

And if I keep my goals in check

Never keep too many actors on set

You can bet your ass we’re out here with my team till death

Ain’t it funny how things is, despised all my teachers

Now they giving love, getting praise for my teachings

Still can’t believe they gonna hate me for my features

Getting paid for my features

Wish these motherfuckers spend a day in my sneakers

But they ain’t got the soul

Flip flopping back and forth, who would’ve known

That a junkie in the gutter turned shit in gold

And I’m stacking break up till that shit got mold

Told ‘em bring a thing of rings, yeah, my team real cold

And the feeling’s only temporary, moments last forever

So we gotta do it big as we embark on these endeavors

I’ve got a feeling

I’ve got a feeling

I’ve got a

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