Mark Battles

Mark Battles - Going lyrics

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Ft. King Los

(Verse: Mark Battles)

I'll go with the check

In hoping that y'all have fun with the rap

The rugged assassin, enough the capassors

Stalkin' malasses, trunkin' the masses

Luckiest bastards, said it once, I won't say it twice

X left, you won't make it right

Next check on the Vegas flight

MGM for the latest flight

Fell in love, she want stay tonight

Tell the judge I pay the price

Fellow thugs ain't the crazy type

You know they all my niggas, right?

Born a king, we did it proper

Open eyes for the real impostor

Wan' change yo life like Willie Wonka

Barely famous, might go to the Oscars

Wylin' out with my brother Los

Few groupie chicks and some other folks

11 tapes, every one is dope

A million verses with a bunch of quotes

Hating hard, my city backwards

MIA with a pretty actress

Nah, the sex was decent

But the head bangin' like Lenny Kravitz

If I said it, you know I do it

Stay 100, the flow the truest

Made the runnin', I sure improve it

Kill niggas on tracks like Tony Steward

On this drive the game is finished

Wrap it up, ace convention

All you niggas betta pay attention

Pause to God cuz he made me different

(Verse 2: King Los)

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