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Mark Battles - Forgive You lyrics

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Put it in the verse makes it easier this way

if you ever did me wrong, why let it go and fade,

what's hold it on lean like I wasn't supposed to say,

was told you try to get the time and let it go away,

but it's not true now they ain't true,

put up a wall started our smart,

but then they're payin root I had to let it all

now hope we got the same view,

my pass made me who I am so in the way I think


Promises you broke got the lies that you told

couldn't keep it in I had to let it go

since I got the chance I just wanna let you know,

that I forgive you, yeah I forgive you, I forgive you

the people that would doubt, the girls it ran out

every night my step down was slap my mama in the mouth

chock me had the death and try to kick me out the house

but I forgive you, yeah I forgive you, I forgive you,

I'm just telling you how it was, too blessed to hold the grudge

thank the man above now look back and then shrug,

became a man for what I've been through,

so I forgive you, yeah I forgive you.

I don't like to say I hate you,

look we can't get through,

forgive me I forgave you, neither of us was faithful

you blame me and I blame you, life's a dirty game true,

feelings make it painful but life it gotta go on,

I admire that you're so strong,

you really can't pull on, hoping things go wrong

for the other person, never ends up working

one thing is for certain the less is I'm just ..


Imagine being teen watching your mama give beat

chase down the street a gun pointed at her cheek,

I know it's so descriptive it's what I have to witness,

who knows how would it end it, and hand you out went to prison

but you in it and change, turn the God and got safe,

and my mama was so amazed for me,

it was hard until today, but now the hate went away

so all I wanna say, all I gotta say.

All the promises I broke, all the lies that I told,

don't you keep it in, I just hope you let me know

'cause since you got your chance is your time to let it go

hope you forgive me, hope you forgive me.

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