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Mark Battles - Don't Tell lyrics

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I will just let the

Let the beat talk to you for a second

Just take it all in

Look, look

Get on Instagram, see my old chick a stripper now

She different now and everybody say she get around

But it’s cool, I ain’t judging you

Gotta pay them bills, respect your hustle, boo, it’s nothing new

One of few, two of many, should’ve known from all the naked pictures you were sending

Feeling empty, was it my fault?

Maybe I made you too comfortable, those are my thoughts

My mind lost, your guy, how much does time cost

Can I get another 10 ‘fore I die off?

‘Cause tomorrow ain’t promised

Went to record when I could’ve went to college

Now we the big three and none of us is Chris Bosh’in

Quit joshin’, honest, I’m just rhyming on the beat

And you think that I’m a visionary?

Little do you know, the mean life getting scary

Losing faith, half my heart is in the cemetery

Question why we here, trying to handle stress

Will it ever disappear?

Failure to my children is the only thing I fear

Return to cloud 9 when I hear my fans cheer

Ain’t a thing, two years ago I had to wash up in a sink

No hot water, it was cold enough to drink

Two pair of pants, take ‘em off when they stink

When they stink

Lived in a studio for 6 months

Me and my girl on the couch and she ain’t tripped once

Couldn’t count how many times we had to skip lunch

Always searching for some change I could dig up

Living off one meal a day

Those are memories that I wanna seal away

I’m never going back to that, I promise you

I don’t care what I gotta do

Don’t doubt the heart of a man

Doing what I can just to market a plan

20 hour days then start up again

Work myself to death, going hard as I can

I can

Don’t judge a man by his status or judge all his decisions

Haters always lurking, be observing from a distance

I’m serving out permission to further doubt my vision

So be of credit, why?

‘Cause it motivate me

My son’ mom pray he grow to hate me

I’m going crazy

You don’t wanna save me

A different day, a different hotel

Let’s get away and get a hotel

Pay for your hair and your nails

Oh well, just blow a kiss and don’t tell

Oh well, just blow a kiss and don’t tell

Don’t tell, shh

Don’t forget it

It ain’t where you been, it’s about where you headed

Where you headed

Where you headed

And you gotta keep it separate

Won’t get to you less you let it

Unless you let it

Unless you let it

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