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Mark Battles - Chicken lyrics

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Make a mamma trippin’ cuz I’m on the misssion

Nigga I’m the grind time

House full of chicken

I ain’t really trippin, dog beat it if you with it

Man I ain’t worry bout that, here in a minute

Take it to the limit and beat right now

I really gotta earn everything I got

Look back when I gotta say bye, bye

Laughin’ on these niggas like ha! Ha!


Why ypu workship the money? What’s close to a nigga

All hoods, no bars, I’m exposin this nigga

It’s get the finest love, they ust close to a nigga

Hit it one time, she propose to a nigga

Let me get a chance,

Fifth when my brother dies, wasn’t in the plans

Step up in the fans so I’ve been the man

I’mma keep beatin’ beats, let the niggas dance

Thinkin at the times I was starvin’

Home was my daughter but the pain make me harder

Jump it the banz cuz the banz make me starter

Cury top five bring my name on regarders

Girl you know you flow trashin’

I don’t like you nigga if you wanted the get at me

Pretty boy style but I keep that all off me

Turn cally to a women

Have her stunnin’ like her daddy

Got that hustle on the hafly

Keep your mind settle you on trouble if lackin’

Let’s practice, double of the madness

A budget for the fashion and a hundred for the taxes

Obama try to dodge usdie for my try man this nigga got it back now

No love for these bastards

All for my ex she ain’t never beed a factor



From Afganistan where you never get a chance

And the rest of the world treat you lesses then a man

Doin’ wha I can but the pressure it’s in the plan

Homies with a child had to dress her in the Van

You wouldn’t understand so just call me as I am

I ain’t talkin’ bout drink my nigga, I’ll bring on the grams

Tomoroow never practice so I party with the fam

I need it more then you, I’m so sorry for this man

So sorry for this man

I’m feelin’ blessed latlet, tellin’ on out shows

Nw the whoers wanna date me

You all like me now, I’ll just probably make you hate me

Make my mamma proud, give a hell why you hatin’

Yeah, now it’s back to the basic

Gave me the vision, thinkin loud for the basix

Prais every qote so close I can taste it

All I know its three, tell he nigga learn a language

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