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Mark Battles - Can't Take No More lyrics

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Feat. Darius Allen


I learned the values of a man from a lady

Ain’t that crazy? My daddy was a coward

He left right after he made me

My moms had to suffer, forced resign from the navy

Cause she was pregnant with a baby

While my pops was acting shady

And lately, my baby momma whiling, bro

I ask you for a thousand bucks

You don’t support my child enough

I’m feeling stuck, is life hard or what?

These bills pilling up

And my sister ain’t got no work, sometime

Live it up! But I keep falling back behind,

Backwards grind, can’t see eye to eye

If I track the blind. I need some time for myself

I’m hoping that it helps, cause I ain’t got nothing left

If stress was a person, I hit ‘em with the left

My stepdad got upset when he heard my song “Forgive you”

That don’t make me sins, cause that were steams that you did do

One tryna ‘fend you, just rela’in’ what I been through


A lot of things in my life,

Will never be the same

Guess that people are supposed to change

So I’mma try to make it right

And I’mma take the blame

But it really got me going insane

I can’t take no more

It feel like I can’t take no more

Can’t take no more

So what am I supposed to do?


Worse to be a man and be engaged

I ain’t complain about it

Had to hold back all the pain

See, that’s the thang about it

A lot was going wrong, but I remained a prize(?)

Big task and hands just like I’m moving mountains

Truly drowning

So I’m getting down my thoughts, just to keep me balanced

Taking drives to clear my mind, I’m mapping up the mollie

And my momma taking shots like LaMarcus Aldridge

Cause she stressing, I’m just begging for direction out here

Reals wanna fetch me, I only need a second

Yeah, I know it’s wrong, but really I learned my lesson

That’s the question, say to be great you gotta be a saint

Well, I don’t wanna loose my brain, but I ain’t cool with playn

But you haters let me live, I m tryna do my thang

Friends always change, wonder who remains

How much more can I take? I need a break


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