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Mark Battles - Be You lyrics

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Feat. Curren$y


Mamma say gonna be great son go do what you love

As long as you ain’t stealin’ and ain’t movin’ no drugs

Always be a honest man, I think the truth is enough

Will you stop doin’ ____(?) when you doin’ too much

You gotta be you, be you, be you x 3

You gotta x 2


That’s my nigga spinin’ if he call it on her way

Nostradamus full of saffy when he blowin’ jackes

And my city bumpin’ dizzy, this the golden naze

She hit my mentions, reminiscing ‘bout the older days

Got the game it’s ‘bout time to reff, blow the wissle

Collectin’ profit and we poppin’ like a loaded pistol

With my homie, they just chillin’, blowin’ switcher

Don’t make them niggas get it shootin’ like you photogenic

Know we gettin’ when we sharipin’ with the baddest women

And she suck me til I sleep and she classy with it

Daddy get it, you just wanna join the finely business

You ain’t help me, get it started, how we plan to finish

Came replay this, goot time started, my mind sharpen

Get me the title like Shine caught it, I grind harder

All these nigga will just see throw

Watchin’ me how we do

You should try to be you



Closed the deal of dank, time to celebrate

Bong rips in the elevator take it all the way to the top floor play up

Penthouse spent about 1.5 maybe more fuck it thow

Make more, put that bus bag on the roll, tourin’ in towns, smokin’ pounds

We get up to get all down

Full on that top show, so go on and help yourself round

We got so much of it, it’s like I’m stuck of it, that’s why

I struck it rich, never on no sucker shit

I will never fuck with the camera on

Like my luggage kid

Gucci roll on wind

Marble rollin’ trees

3 point and that will shootin’ janes,

Raggin’ man and this will kill the shever lanes

Yeah the switch is super lane

Six trane, motherfucker trained out

Dance by your house and look like a drive ball, get your pants out



Wake up with a smile, that ball will miss me right here

Couldn’t be found in the street, really started from the bottom,

I was all in the hit

Now I just got on tour, twenty thousand on week

Cuz this sound is unique

And respect my nigga accuse from the beat

That’s my due til I’m deep

Are they hatin’, I ain’t losin’ no sleep

Compensation, turn a friend to a ledge

And the jealousy is comin’, we was made the compete

Go focus on that nigga, get you down if you let it

Get your mind, out your feelings

Man you gotta keep it separate

I keep makin’ the poses since I never been decreed

Stay humble throw the struggle

Ain’t no tellin’ where it’s handed

Since a kid I was makin’ this true

Now man the gas caught raze in the zoo

Get a fast car, raise with my crew

Love for all, only hate for a few

I bet you hatin’, we do balance


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