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M People - One Night in Heaven lyrics

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One night in heaven. one night in heaven. [x4]

Sometimes I get to thinkingwhile you are far away

Just how much I miss you and how time it ticks away.

So sad when we are fightingtoo much tension too much hate.

Sometimes I need remindingbefore it gets too late.

Just one moment in my day.

Take me up to a place so far in your heavenly space.


One night (one night)one night in heaven. when you touch me

You take me up high with the clouds in the sky.

One night (one night)one night in heaven. when you kiss me

You light up my lifemake me feel so alive.

While people create problemslie cheat in vain

Come lay with me in my bed and wash away the pain.

Take me on a journey let the pleasure start.

Take me on a journey that leads straight to your heart.

Just one look I can see in your face

You're my love satellite in orbit with you.

Such a beautiful place.


Just give me one night. just give me one night. [x2]

Ooh I'm in heaven baby. ooh I'm in heaven baby. [x2]


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