M-EaZy - So Fo Sho f. Jadakiss lyrics

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I got this

This comes so natural, so natural

Oh me i’m a ...

How you gonna win if you never took the middles

Some is in the feds some is up middle

Eat the force .. is enough is all move ..

On the low OT moving the .. she’s in the street ..

Louie V high top .. on blue ..

Playin the game like the ruffs ..

You don’t move their purple

Outside but i leave moves in turtle

I don’t do the ..might hear the dice

Cold all on me but the light hit the ice

If they ain’t .. gotta be the knife

Mama say is foolish is ay is the life


Fresh to the club walk through the door

She’s whining and grinding on the floor

I bought no more ‘cause my swag is ..

I’m so fo sho’ diggin on the floor

I’m so fo sho’ get on the floor

I’m so fo sho’ get on the floor

Girl give me some more

Hold up so fresh black beans no lands

Hold up focus no stress ..

bad chicks might pick on move my licks

..who you with if the kid ..

‘cause we do it big we live one life got one left to live

That’s where you ..chicks like this

Like that so .. girls sip back no ..

Thing like life black fall back so ..sit back no ..

Thing like life .. so official

No black .. no whistle just sizzle

Do do do do that that’s just like ..

Is that for real is the .. is another issue

What about me what about you

We just ..when i got you


..summer time sick hoes

No more gigolo big dough ..no no

Oh oh they so fickle kill em with the ..

Misstle official girl with you

So what fresh cut brand with a .. new

Doing what a damn do

Give em all the snap ..

...i plan to y’all know, i’ve told you so

No knows ..the Pinocchio

Dad do the .. no need no more

This aint a show i need for sure

..once cars sunshine ..goes hard

Now to get ..


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