Lifehouse - Stardust lyrics

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I’m on the mission, reset the transition and check out for too long

Let’s put into some mission ‘til I wave down and all

But the truth is I cannot be trust on what it was in my head

Soon the crap positions break and get nothing

Wake up and pay my dudes

Get lovely in my face, fallen in line with the rest

Till I might off the risk

But I’m losin’ in and get nothin’

And just get clear all space

And only dance with the darkness and it won’t take

Cuz where it just spread cure and only they say


Take and believe in

Just stand on but things will dive on

I need you to hear me out

And free me from all my doubts

I can feel you

But you still try

Yeah you chargin’ me with what I am low

No one’s ever been this close

Can you hear me?


The steady even changing the world if they ask

Cuz the lame in this terms, how long will they bang

Chock ‘em down and less and will might tight and will

I kiss the rain drop while I was still young and fallen throw the line

Flame it’s like it stuck, with this life I ever should

I have you in life of the musician

Should reset then we put up and take what you get

Elevate, you’ll take care on all your rest

(Hook) x 2

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