Khalil - Time For Bed lyrics

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Murder on the beat

(Verse: Khalil)

Whachya wanna do, girl? (Whachya wanna do?)

We been on the phone, we've been sending texts

When you comin' thru, girl? (When ya comin' thru?)

I don't wanna talk, I just want to see what's next

Girl, bring yo behind to me, I promise to give ya what ya need

Tell me yo fantasies and I guarantee that ya won't ever wanna leave

So let's say ya want yo way cuz I know I'm turning ya on

Ain't no play like foreplay at 3 o'clock in the morn'

And ain't no way the neighbors ain't gonna hear all that moanin'

And that screamin', are ya ready babe?

Girl I think it's time fo bed

But I ain't trying to go to sleep so just bring yo body to me

Cuz it's time fo bed

See, I'm gon give ya what ya need, when we roll round in em sheets

Cuz it's time fo bed, time fo bed

Girl, it's time fo bed, time fo bed

Girl I think it's time fo bed, it's time fo bed

(Verse 2: Justin Bieber)

And I know that I can turn ya on

Gaspin' fo air until the early morn'

And I don't know if you're on the shit I'm on

But I swear that ya be goin' on askin' me fo mo'

When I take yo breath...

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