Khalil - Lonely Forever lyrics

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Wish I could ask you to love me

Wish lovin' you wasn't hard, no

Wish I could make you believe me

The grass is greener in my yard

Wish I could have you for the long run

You gave me up, well I guess it's done

If you neva see me like I see you

Baby, I'll be


Lonely for ever (ever, ever)

Lonely for ever (ever, ever)

Holdin' on, but you keep lettin' go

(Verse 2)

For every time that I went down

If lovin' you wasn't smart

I'll have you tell me you love me

Girl, when you let me in your heart

And if I ever find a way

All of this will please stop

Oh, girl, and I won't hesitate to say

That you should have loved me from the start


I'll be lonely for ever (ever, ever)

Lonely for ever (ever, ever)

I'm holdin' on, but you keep lettin' go

(Bridge: 2Pac)

Just like every nigga on the corner

Goin' through the risk he gotta take

Slang whateva he gotta slang

I'm out here slangin'

And all this risk the nigga make me go through

I'mma make them feel fire like they made me feel fire

And that's real, and if everybody can't understand that

They don't understand a black thang

I'm gon' stay black, I'm not fin' to act white

Just cause you'll have sm' wrong with that

White, just cause all these other muthafuckas act white

When they get they papers

I'll act very black

I'm about bands, cause that's what niggas do

You understand me? I'mma smoke weed, cause that's what niggas do

I'mma pack a gat cause that's what niggas do


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