Khalil - Goodie Goodie f. Big Sean lyrics

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girl i saw you pimpin looking at my sneakers

checking on my G shop

we don't wanna be don't

so write my number down

said she got my number she

been blowing boy

so i'm winnin this ..up

and then i took her out

shawty homie now


shawty started hucking on me

hucking on me, hucking on me

shawty started touching on me

touching on me, touching on me

then she started kissing on me

kissing on me, kissing on me

then she fell in love 'cause she couldn't get enough

they call em mister goodie goodie

when my mama ..she texting me on my phone

telling me she ..know mister goodie goodie

she follow on me on Twitter reading my message

she call me mister goodie goodie

she wants me again Sean kingston the friend


mister goodie goodie, mister goodie goodie

mister goodie goodie, mister goodie goodie

shawty and a DJ is she blowing a record up

got my song on ..even got me on the phone

as a ringtone

when over her rainy house she said that it was up

wanted to see the couch is where it's all about

shawty on me now


i said hey hey

the mister fine you should ..misses mine

we connect in her .. VIP

..i've been think that i've feelin feelin

i know that i ..she feelin mine

'cause she just keep on runnin runnin to me

i'ma finish oh my G G

i'm number one to entry

your body is Christmas girl

adn your ..hoe they glaring people i charin

i just cause i keep staring

girl i got that goodie goodie

and it's your lucky day that i'm sharing


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