KEVIN McCALL - I'm Fucked Up lyrics

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I’m in the club, fuck about the service

Take my home shots, drop some cold balers

Once your showty see me as this easy boy currency

Spill all this space on the carpet but this on purpose

My hustel like the service, wig it like a servin’

This is like a movie, once we know we worth it

She tworkin’ for this money so I feel that she deserve it

I’mma pull my think down, chop it and reverse it like I miss it

I’m pisted like I gotta wind bleeder

Tipsy on this Christi, they ain’t even matter

Boy I’m loco, coco

Call me sub 0 cuz I’m so cold

You see that booty, she can make a fortune

No wander her body glow, cuz she drop dick

Yeah, don’t get it, slow as motherfucker

I roll all this on like motherfucker


I’m fucked up, I’m blinded

Walkin’ down the club, I don’t know what day is

I’m high, high as a plain bitch

Walkin’ down the club, I don’t know what day it is

Monday I’ve been ballin’

Tuesday, I’ve been ballin’

We might be ballin may these bitches keep on callin’

Thursday I’ve been chillin’ but Friday I’ve been killin’

Saturday and Sunday that’s the motherfucker weekend


Cuz I’m smokin’ super higher from the lighter

I want her with the strikes cuz I know that she a tiger

Do you better with the beats so I pull up right beside her

I told her I’mma beat, so great like supersize

Hundred fifty great chain, what you doin’ hoer

Suit girls in the bad, guess I’m turnin’ on

Go with rapper, better rappin all like a tuno role

Your body ain’t bad, girl you beautiful

Yax, more watch, only cause you real low

Free girls you dog, and I’m pack the smokes

My roof wall, alligator bitch

I’m stunnin’ in the mirror like I don’t know what day it is

Yeah, they do the mamas and pajamas

And I’m in this club and it feel like the Bahamas

Have bitches in the front and a ball right behind us

I’m super fucked up, hey, I’m just bein’ honest

(Hook x2)

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