KEVIN McCALL - Addicted lyrics

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Ft. Sevyn Streeter

(Verse: Sevyn Streeter)

Tell me I sound so bright, you make a girl feel so good

I make you do some crazy things you wouldn't normally do

You try to convince yourself you're gone

When you know you're goin' outta your mind

You said it'll never happen to you but look, you're going crazy, yeah


No matter what you do, it's calling you

Begging you (this love is irresistible)

Trying to fight it

You can't postpone, this love is like a drug


Pull me away from you, addicted to your love

It's like I'm on a rush, it's like I'm on drugs

Get me so caught up, I'm out the show I've sprung

Not that it's given enough

I'm addicted, you're yellin' fo' me cuz I need that

It's addictive, somebody need to sing it back to rewind

I need that, I need that, I can't get all of this on my own

(Verse 2: Sevyn Streeter)

Feelin' when he callin' me

I can hear him callin' me

Swear I feel his lips on my ear

Tried my best to get control of it

But I can't get a hold of it

I want it to disappear

Oh, toss and turning, head in control

Waking up in closed ones

Aiding for your love

Wanna play it all

But the whole world knows

They know that something's going on



(Bridge: Kevin McCall)

Comfortable anywhere

Comfortable anywhere

Comfortable anywhere

Comfortable anywhere


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