Kataklysm - Breaching The Asylum lyrics

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(Intro: Exodus - Gods and Kings)

Rhamses: You say that you didn't... cause all this [...] Your God did!

(I am the God! I am the God!)

So let's just see who's more effective at killing: You or me


The door retraces a mortal soul on that path

Your churches, your asylums, it's all the same for me

You own the face of pain, you live in your immigrant lies

Your sanctuaries, your paradise, your path to your lies


There's no-one to tame, there's nowhere left to live

We've lost all compassion, I bought your fame

Everything is gone, everything is lost

There's nowhere to run about your pain

There's nowhere to run!

(Verse 2)

They've broken the seal and they've taken the salts

They've taken our hearts and they've taken our mind

We relate with our synapses, to pay for our fears(?!)

We were sentenced to die in a world of chaos

We feast on the angels and we dance with the daemons

We play with the fire, and burns us inside

We run, run from the truth of decay

And all existing of the self-proclaimed

Lift me up!


(Guitar solo)

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