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Jorma Kaukonen - The Other Side of the Mountain lyrics

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Every mountain has two sides, which side are you on

Most times spent just climbing up and the rest is sliding down

Life you take for granted when the climb begins

Will let you wander in the dust as a wale(?!) lives its end

A flight of passing turns my head, I can't see where I've been

I must have dropped that torch they passed

But I can't remember where

(Verse 2)

Well, I neva thought it easy, fear daunt my every move

One foot, have the other now just looking for the groove

In my imagination, a kingdom call my name

But closer to the top I got was still the same old same

I couldn't see the forest, they were way too many trees

I'm lookin' for some meanin', oh now, won't you help me please!

(Instrumental break)

(Verse 2)

We talk about the purpose, the meaning to this _____(?)

Life itself is its reward and the bonus piece of mind

Sometimes we get forgiveness for the things we couldn't do

Sometimes the blame, it shakes our soul, it can't deny us through

I seek a congregation to hold me to the flame

And a righteous pastor quote the grace and clearly save my name

(Instrumental break)

(Verse 3)

The life up on this mountain is the only one we've got

Some other day I pass and frown, I give it my best shot

Well, the road that leads forever could be better than today

In any case, I'll stay the course, no matter what they say

The old _____(?) shortcut exit is lose and I can't take

I'm climbin', climbin' _______(?) until they call my name

The backside of the mountain is the only one I know

The upward climb had in distance gone __________________(?)

The memory of that moment, like a postcard in the dust

Reminds me even hollow steel will slowly turn to rust

I try to hold this moment like a precious thought of grace

Tryna find the road of up here to some celestial place

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