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Jorma Kaukonen - Sweet Fern lyrics

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Spring time is comin' sweet lonesome bird

Ur echo in the woodland I hear

Down in the meadow so lonesome ur singin'

While the moonlight is shinin' so clear


But I know he's away in a far distant land

A land that is ova the sea

Go fly to him singin' ur sweet lil song

And tell him to come back to me


Sweet Fern(Sweet Fern), Sweet Fern(Sweet Fern)

Oh tell me, is my darlin' still true?

Sweet Fern(Sweet Fern), Sweet Fern(Sweet Fern)

I'll be just as happy as u

(Verse 2)

Oh tell me sweet fern, is he thinkin' of me

And the promise he made long ago

He said he'd return from ova the sea

Oh why do the years go so slow



(Verse 3)

Upon my finger he placed a small ring

On the day he was leavin' his home

I promised I'd be his own dear lil girl

And love him whereva he'd roam



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