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Joel Plaskett - The Park Avenue Sobriety Test lyrics

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This is the Park Avenue Sobriety Test

It's a kick in the teeth, it's the hornet's nest

It's the Park Avenue Sobriety Test

It's the cold hard light of day


It's the pain in ur heart, it's the look in ur eyes

When all of ur friends are droppin' like flies

It's the hole in the sky when a young man dies

And u just want to go to sleep

When u finally sleep, u imagine a world

It's a beautiful world, filled with beautiful girls

And the girls in ur world, the one u imagined

They all want to know ur name

So u tell them ur name & they give u their number

As u're callin' them up, u awake from ur slumber

Cos' ur landlord's outside, he's drivin' a hummer

And you're startin' to catch a cold


(Verse 2)

It's the kid on the street, he's havin' a ball

And you're watchin' his feet, cos' he's kickin' a ball

And he don't need a phone & he don't need the mall

And a tear rolls down ur cheek

It's the guy at the bank, he's cashin' a check

That the government sent cos' he's out on the deck

Some words will not auto-correct

Like whodaf*ck'll pay our rent?!

Some people are wealthy, others are rich

Some people complain, others just bitch

It might take a second to tell which is which

But the devil is in the details


(Verse 3)

It's the girl at the bar, she's pourin' a drink

She's takin' ur dough & u think that she winks

So u ask her ur name & she tells u a lie

Cos' Frank's not a woman's name

Last call has been called & now Frank's closin' down

You're out on the street & there's no one around

And it's rainin' outside, in whiskey you've drowned

Now you're walkin' across a bridge

And you're soberin' up & u get to the park

And it's sketchy as hell & it's totally dark

When you're one of a kind u can't get on the Ark

So zip up ur jacket & go home


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